Profit Tip

Choose flooring appropriate to your budget and property value. Vinyl flooring might look great in a low-budget property, but could severely devalue a luxury one.

Cherie Barber

Design Tip

When choosing tiles, be sure to order in a single batch and buy enough to account for wastage. There can be significant variations between batches.

James Treble

Do's & Don'ts

  • avoid going for very busy patterns in tiles or timber, as over a large area it can look quite overwhelming.
  • skimp on carpet underlay. The quality you choose is almost as important as the carpet itself.

Course Notes

  • Carpetpdf

    Module 6 | Topic 3 - Course Notes: Carpet

Fact Sheets

  • Fact Sheet: Types of Carpetpdf

    Module 6 | Topic 3 - More detail on Types of Carpet
  • Fact Sheet: Carpet Underlaypdf

    Module 6 | Topic 3 - More detail on Carpet Underlay
  • Fact Sheet: Carpet Pile Typespdf

    Module 6 | Topic 3 - More detail on Carpet Pile Types


  • Checklist: Design Elements And Principles

    Due diligence checklist


  • Topic 3 Quizpdf

    Test your new found knowledge of carpets

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